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What is R.O.S.S.?

R.O.S.S., LLC  “Retail One Stop Solutions” provides a unique and fully customizable platform for data collection within the retail setting. Along with our highly rated background screening, 10-panel Oral Swab Drug Testing, and Instant Alcohol Screening, R.O.S.S., LLC provides reliable services to our clients. Imagine Civil Demand, Case Management, Incident Reporting, Backdoor Security, Risk Management Auditing, Ethics Investigations, Drug Screening, Comprehensive Background Checks, and Alcohol Screening all in one dashboard fully customizable to a retailers operation.

  • Enterprise-Wide Customizable System
  • Manage HR issues; Compliance Auditing /Checklists, Accidents, OSHA reporting
  • Case Management External Cases, Internal Cases, & ORC
  • Civil Theft Recovery

Why Do We Need This?

  • Increase time savings on executive reporting
  • Centralizing your system for managing reviews
  • Eliminate all paper audits
  • Increased LP/Audit productivity by spending less time preparing, taking and completing visits via paper reporting.
  • Case Management System provides a framework for management of individual cases
  • Develop and understand true live data of losses within the company
  • Intricate detail and custom options in R.O.S.S. database illustrates patterns for schedule developing of a true Time Day Analysis
  • Incident Video/Photos all in one storage area

R.O.S.S. vs Competition

R.O.S.S. Competition
Single Location License Agreement Individual Software Licenses
Unlimited Data Storage Included Data Storage Usage Fees
True Spec Customization Customization limited
Fully Customizable Audit Reporting Non Customizable Audit
Provided Monthly Executive Summary Find Your Own Data Program
Criminal Restitution Collections No In-House Criminal Restitution
Civil Demand Recovery (In-House) Third Party Civil Demand Recovery
Background / MVR / Reference Checks No One Solution for BG/MVR/Etc.
Medical Resource Officer (MRO) MRO additional fees $35-$50
Nano-gram Detailing on 10-Panel Pass or Fail Reporting
Certification Training for Test Kits Wall Plaque for Training
Friendly Customer Service Company Website Reporting
Dedicated I.T. Staff *R.O.S.S. is truly your Retail One Stop Solution based company in the marketplace*
Dedicated Website Reporting

Executive Dashboard R.O.S.S., LLC


R.O.S.S. Incident Reports

R.O.S.S. reports can be fully customizable for your needs. While we have industry standard reporting forms, our dedicated development teams can either code your current report into our system or we can work on a customizable solution.

Once a report is submitted it will automatically submit to pre determined email users for review. Also a copy can be printed for court records at any given time. The ability to submit a “BOLO” email with the subject’s profile photograph is also available to quickly send out the information to neighboring stores.

Reports with R.O.S.S. can be customized to fit your needs:

  • External Theft Report
  • Internal Theft Report
  • Accident/Injury Report
  • Incident Report
  • Work Order Reporting

R.O.S.S. LP Safety Audit

R.O.S.S. has the functionality to utilize your current auditing form or we can assist in building a fully customizable solution. When comparing LP Audit and Safety reports, R.O.S.S. allows to you to see where the store is currently by score as well as shrink trends through inputted data.

Audits are sent electronically to a predetermined email list for review and can easily be reviewed at a later date.

R.O.S.S. Alcohol/Drug Testing

FDA Clear Product On-site Saliva Alcohol Screen
Medical Resource Officer included for every kit “MRO” 2 minute result
Low level of common salts on pad to help generate oral fluid DOT approved
Thin pad design fits comfortably between cheek and gum FDA cleared
Shipping included CLIA Waived
Results emailed and posted online Built in QA Spot™
No HIPPA requirement Quantitative
Free Certifications and Training Confirm with breath/blood
No instrument required Disposable

R.O.S.S. Background Reporting

There are fewer than 5 companies in the industry that are both NAPBS accredited, ISO certified and Winners of the Bakers Dozen.   What our customers appreciate most is our excellent customer service and we invite them to call the “Answer Desk” and compare how fast we answer calls compared to their current provider.


Available Phases of R.O.S.S.®

Phase One:  Case Management, Metric Reporting, Civil Recovery,   Drug and Alcohol Screening, Background Checks

Phase Two:  Open Deliverable Dashboards

Phase Three:  Risk & Safety Auditing

Phase Four:  Location Emergency Details®

Phase Five:  Workman Compensation Tracking & Reporting LOA

Phase Six:  Loss Prevention Workflow

R.O.S.S.® allows your Loss Prevention and Human Resource Teams to work together through proven data metrics to find root cause analysis so proper mitigation may occur. R.O.S.S.® is a one solution database for all parties who are charged with protecting the company’s profits through prevent loss and excess payouts.

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